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About Us

Whole House Water Treatment Systems

Quality Products.  Reliable Service.  Demonstrated track record. The right solutions to difficult and diverse water problems coupled with a genuine commitment to your satisfaction.  The Puronics difference is clear.

Water Treatment Solutions for Business

Puronics really understands that while the structure, H2O, is deceptively simple, the solutions to purifying water are not.  You can trust Puronics to provide effective solutions for your home or business needs.  

Green Living Promise

We are a locally owned company who understands the community as this is where we live.  Our understanding of the specific issues with North Dakota water took us to Puronics as an affordable, effective solution.  Give us a call for a free, in home, water test so that you know as much about your water as we do. 


The Puronics Solution

Since 1947 Puronics has specialized in the purification of water by developing technology that was used by NASA and taken in to space...Twice!!  Because of this commitment to advancing the science of water purification Puronics is THE ONLY water treatment company with the EPA stamp of approval.  Puronics is also a member of the Water Quality Association, received the WQA Validation Gold Seal for highest quality products.  Puronics received the Frost & Sullivan Award fo rNew Product Innovation and is recognized as a climate leader by the EPA. 

The Puronics Technology Toolbox Contains:

*  Adsorption     *  Deionizatoin      *  Electrodeionization     *  Ion Exchange     *  Ozonation

*  MicroSilver Bacteriostasis     *  Nanofiltration    *  Oxidation/Reduction    *  Multi-Media Filtration

*  Reverse Osmosis     *  Ultrafiltration/Microfiltration     *  Ultraviolet Disinfection

EPA approved tests for water

Green Living uses standard EPA tests to test your water including:

1. Chlorine Levels

2. Hardness Test

3. Precipitate Testing

Plus the chance to taste the water you are missing. 

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How Puronics Purifies Your Water

iGen Digital Control Valve


Intelligent microprocessor controls system operations to track water usage and to clean media.  The built in diagnostics ensure that you never run out of quality water.  

Yes, Puronics has been to space

Partnerships with NASA to develop technology to purify water on the space Shuttle Orbiters.

Puronics water treatments uses NASA silver ion technology which was developed to purify water aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

SilverShield HYgene


SilverShield HYgene filter media incorporates MicroSilver Bacteriostasis Technology into activated carbon to inhibit bacteria growth while reducing tastes and odors.

EPA Registration


Puronics uses technology that the EPA  recognizes makes Puronics as a Climate Leader.

Water Quality Association


Puronics is a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA).  Puronics is the recipient of the WQA Validation Gold Seal for higher quality products.

How good is your water?


A cities water supply deals with three issues.  EPA mandated Chlorine and Ammonia.  Plus the dissolved solids we know as hardness. Puronics safely purifies water for your home